Left-wing publisher Mother Jones wants you to eat more toxic GMOs, inject your children with more vaccines and hate Donald Trump

Meandering through the latest mainstream media headlines these days, one is hard-pressed to find even a semblance of objective truth on virtually any topic. It’s all anti-Trump, pro-G.M.O., and pro-vaccine propaganda, it seems, including at the left-leaning news publication Mother Jones where such positions are regularly brow-beaten into readers at an excruciating pace.

While claiming to be a “progressive” magazine centered around “investigative reporting on topics including politics, the environment, human rights, and culture,” “MoJo” (as Mother Jones is often referred to in short) hardly embodies this mission in its day-to-day news cycle. Over the past several years, Mother Jones has debased itself into little more than a brainwashing mouthpiece for corporate propaganda.

Concerning genetically-modified organisms and biotechnology, for instance, Mother Jones has adopted the industry position that the world somehow needs transgenic crops and fake food to overcome the impending doom of “climate change.” In a piece that would make even the most stoic Monsanto executive blush, Mother Jones declared that “G.M.O.s won’t harm your health,” insisting that chemically-poisoned mutant crops are of little or no concern to the general public.

Much like now-pro-G.M.O. shill Bill Nye, there was once a time when Mother Jones openly voiced healthy skepticism about G.M.O.s. But now, the magazine functions almost like an arm of Monsanto’s marketing department, shamelessly spreading fake science under the guise of “independent journalism.”

Vaccines, Never Trump, Planned Parenthood: Is there any special interest to which Mother Jones won’t pander?

It isn’t just in the area of biotechnology where Mother Jones has gone astray. The magazine routinely shills for the vaccine industry as well, publishing propaganda articles about “vaccine deniers” putting children’s lives at risk. Even as far back as 2008, Mother Jones was actively shilling for parents to listen to government authorities and accept vaccines without question – because of “science,” of course.

“Vaccine resisters are motivated by a range of convictions,” Mother Jones writer Arthur Allen declared with patronizing condescension, adding as a definition his own opinion the straw man sentiments that “immunization isn’t ‘natural’ (the wellness set), it’s suspect because it’s government mandated (Christian home-schoolers), and so on.”

Mother Jones allowed Allen to publish crap like this while completely ignoring the real reasons why many parents object to vaccines – one of the most obvious to anyone who’s researched them being the fact that the package inserts themselves warn of potentially serious side effects like autism, as well as death.

Then there’s President Donald Trump, who Mother Jones wants its readers to hate. In a piece published just days ago, Mother Jones writer Kevin Drum made the declaration that the U.S. president “has no foreign policy,” referring to a message he “tweeted” about China’s involvement with addressing the North Korea situation.

Drum claims to know exactly what the President was saying in this particular tweet, rejecting any possibility of subtext or irony that may have gone right over his head, using this to mock Pres. Trump and make him appear stupid to readers. The objective, of course, is to convince as many Mother Jones readers as possible that Pres. Trump isn’t worthy of respect, and that everyone should hate him because the mainstream media tells them to.

“Trump has been suckered by China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia,” Drum writes, fully convinced of his intellectual superiority on the matter. “He has pissed off Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Britain, Australia, and most of our other traditional allies,” continues this verbal diarrhea in typical mainstream media form.

Mother Jones has even shilled for Planned Parenthood, defending the abortion group’s illegal practice of harvesting and selling murdered baby body parts to the highest bidder.

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