Cobalt in hip replacement parts found to cause Alzheimer’s disease via heavy metals poisoning

Hip replacement parts are often made with cobalt, a toxic heavy metal. Doctors are now concerned that cobalt poisoning is causing Alzheimer’s among hip replacement recipients.

As reported by the UK Daily Mail:

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency announced last month that patients would be called in for x-rays and blood tests to check for adverse reactions.

Dr Neil McGuire, clinical director of medical devices at the MHRA, said he wanted to establish whether cobalt leached from the implants was causing adverse effects.

It’s the latest evidence that medical interventions that involve heavy metals may be having profound negative disease effects on patients. In addition to cobalt in hip replacements, flu shots given to children and expectant mothers in the United States are still deliberately formulated with mercury, a potent neurotoxin and brain damaging heavy metal.

A Natural News laboratory investigation conducted in 2013 found organic rice protein from China to be heavily contaminated with lead, a toxic heavy metals linked to lowered IQs, heart damage and skeletal system disorders. Heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, copper and cobalt have inundated both the food and medical supply chains across western nations, leading to chronic, widespread exposure of citizens to toxic elements that promote brain damage and degenerative disease.

Watch this Natural News video report to learn more:


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