School nurses intimidating and pressuring young girls to get the HPV vaccine jab, even resorting to BULLYING tactics

The campaign group Alliance for Natural Health International (ANHI) recently claimed that schoolgirls who chose to opt out of human papillomavirus vaccination (HPV) were being subjected to pressure and bullying from nurses and school staff.

According to the group, they have been receiving reports about tension between parents and school officials. The international organization also stressed that these types of bullying and intimidation are putting undue stress to children and their families.

The group claimed that the schoolgirls are being unfairly questioned about their decision to withhold consent about the vaccine in hopes of changing their minds and going against the will of their parents and guardians.

In line with this, the ANHI has shared a letter template that parents can send to schools should they decide to opt out of the HPV vaccination. The organization also shared a link to the letter, which was developed by The UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID).

In the letter, the suggested wordings clearly indicate that both parents and child have discussed the issue. The letter then includes a signature from the parent and daughter, while a reference copy is to be sent to a solicitor.

“With the summer holidays nearing their end in both England and Wales (Scotland’s already started back) and with the new school year almost upon us, it may be off many parents’ radar that the next push for HPV vaccination of their teenage daughters is just over the horizon. We’ve been receiving reports of intimidation and undue pressure from nurses and school staff that places unwarranted stress on schoolgirls who have opted out of HPV vaccination,” ANHI reported on The Daily Mail online.

“Intimidation must be stopped within schools and parents’ decisions not to vaccinate upheld. Parents are more aware of medical histories within their families. We note that it is being stated that parents’ consent is not required as the law gives a 12-year-old the right to make her own decision. Consider a young 12-year-old trying to stand up and be heard by a teacher or a nurse within the school environment and given the opportunity to put her case forward. Sadly, this is a reality within many schools in Scotland,” the group posted on their website.

ANHI suggests ways to turn down HPV vaccination

The organization has also listed a few recommendations for that parents can follow in order to effectively decline an HPV vaccination. These include:

  1. Parents and daughters who want to opt out of vaccination may download the group’s belt and braces letter template and seek agreement with a solicitor to make sure the decision remains clear, respected and unchangeable by school personnel.
  2. Parents who already have daughters that suffered adverse reaction to HPV vaccine may very well exercise caution when giving consent to younger daughters.
  3. Parents and daughters may always refer to the AHVID for support and information should a vaccination-related injury is felt. (Related: Lead developer of HPV vaccine admits it’s a giant, deadly scam.)
  4. Parents may download a printable poster from the group’s website to gain more information about the potential side effects of HPV vaccines.

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