Paul Offit admits that administering vaccines is “a violent act”

One of the foremost proponents of childhood vaccination at all costs has now openly admitted that vaccines represent “a violent act,” and that most doctors don’t have a clue what they’re even injecting into innocent children and babies.

During a recent segment of the The Robert Scott Bell Show, available at, Robert Scott Bell played a clip of the infamous Paul Offit “for profit” of Philadelphia Children’s Hospital publicly stating that vaccines are basically a form of chemical violence.

“Paul Offit supposedly admitted that vaccines, the introduction and actual administration of vaccines, is a violent act,” Bell states during the segment. “He says ‘vaccines aren’t easy,’ so the quote is in the question.”

Offit, as you may recall, is the same vaccine extremist who infamously claimed that a child can safely receive as many as 10,000 vaccines at one time without incurring any harm whatsoever.

“This guy has never met a vaccine that he didn’t want to inject into any of your children 100, if not 1,000 or 50,000 times, and he says it’s perfectly fine,” Bell adds.

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Vaccines are a form of medical rape

Echoing the sentiments of his pal Richard Pan, another infamous vaccine zealot from California who spearheaded the elimination of vaccine exemptions in the Golden State, Offit can be clearly heard in the audio clip admitting that vaccines are basically a form of medical rape.

Remember: This is the same guy who, along with Pan, tried to argue that the most dangerous ingredient in vaccines is water – not the dozens of heavy metals, aborted human fetal cells, or other chemical adjuvants that have no place in the human body.

“Vaccinations aren’t easy. This isn’t any easy thing,” Offit states.

“We ask a lot of our citizens to get as many as 26 inoculations in the first few years of life, and five shots at one time, it’s hard to do that, especially given that vaccination is a violent act, and you pin a child down, you give him this biological agent against their will, the biological agent generally isn’t understood well by the parent, and often not understood by the physician.”

Many vaccines are designed to cause sterilization and other harm

Both Offit and Pan have been lying about vaccine safety for many years. Though it’s now public record that vaccines are often used as a covert means to sterilize people and cause other harm, these two vaccine goons insist that all vaccines are always completely safe and effective.

It’s an insidious plot to deceive the public into believing that vaccine jabs are good for us, while simultaneously demonizing natural substances that are fully capable of building strong immunity all on their own, without causing harmful side effects like vaccines do.

“These corporate behemoths have proven themselves to be completely untrustworthy based on past behavior,” explains an article by, referring to pharmaceutical and vaccine corporations that have only one goal in mind: massive profits (and perhaps depopulation).

“Anyone who thinks that these contaminants, even in small amounts, are safe especially for a growing child is just plain out of his/her mind,” the article adds.

“At least if you ate these ingredients, your body would have a chance to detoxify and eliminate them before any permanent damage could be done. But, to inject them deep into the body’s tissues where the toxins are absorbed directly into the blood is the most damaging and lethal approach imaginable.”

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